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The website of the Leningrad Region Entrepreneurship Support Fund has its own special specifics. It consists of two main factors: a large amount of content that needs to be posted so that it is easily accessible and structured, as well as the fact that other IPOs work on the basis of the Fund's infrastructure in the cities of the Leningrad region, the number of which is 20, and each requires the ability to maintain its own small website - on a subdomain of the Fund.

Entrepreneurship Support Fund of the Leningrad region micro-credit company
Lead Developer
The layout designer
Technology stack:
PHP, MySQL, javascript, jquery, HTML, CSS, WCMS

The problems of the project

The Foundation had problems with the placement of content - there was a lot of it, and the staff did not have specialized HTML knowledge, which made it difficult to place interactive blocks so that everything was smooth and beautiful. The existing site did not always cope well with a large number of subdomains and was unreliable.


It was decided to use Roksoft's own development, the WCMS system. Due to the flexibility and block structure, the system allowed not only to quickly restore order in the content of the site, but also to place more complex content blocks and make the site more transparent, understandable and easy to use. In addition, auxiliary applications were installed - the "Navigator of support measures" to structure and systematize the Fund's services. Thanks to the multi-domain and WCMS access rights system, it turned out to be easy to implement a subdomain system where each IPR manages its own mini-site within the entire system. At the moment, the total capacity of the system by pages, taking into account news and events, is more than 30,000 pages in total for the Foundation and all subdomains, while maintaining transparency and ease of management. The Foundation's specialists run the site themselves, without the participation of developers. In six months of work, only two appeals were recorded in the subject "we would like to post this kind of content, but we don't know how," which we consider a huge success.