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The Investor's personal account is a CRM system for managing investment projects created as part of the implementation of the priority project "Introduction of the Green Corridor service for investors by 2024", the subprogram "Creating conditions for the investment attractiveness of the region" of the state program "Stimulating economic activity of the Leningrad region". The Green Corridor implies the interaction of Investors and public authorities in a "single window" format, which is much more convenient than contacting the relevant department on each issue.

Agency for Economic Development of the Leningrad Region
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PHP, MySQL, javascript, jquery, HTML, CSS

The problems of the project

GKU AERLO is a strong agency that has successfully built operational processes for the implementation of the "Green Corridor", but lacked a specialized CRM system for organizing project support. Some of the data was in the Bitrix CRM in a standard configuration that was not intended for conducting investment projects, project meetings were conducted in the Megaplan system, which was not synchronized with Bitrix in any way, some of the data was in Excel tables. A specialized unified system was needed.

The first stage of development

At the first stage of implementation, a specialized CRM system was developed that contains all the necessary functions for conducting investment projects - project cards, comments, roadmaps, linking managers, specialized reports, distribution by districts, linking investment commissioners, registering project requests and much more. This made it possible to significantly simplify the process of project management, since the system was originally designed for this purpose.


According to the results of the first stage, the CRM system was put into operation and the management of investment projects in it began.

The second stage of development

At this stage, the system has been significantly improved. New opportunities have appeared, the need for the implementation of which was determined by the results of operation at the first stage. Among them are automatic reminders to managers, comment stories, integration with the IRIS IP, an investment map of the region, and so on. Authorized representatives of the districts were connected to the system - thanks to the implementation of the project access rights system, they were also able to work in the system. According to the results of the second stage, the system was fully adapted to the operational processes of the Green Corridor.

The third stage of development

At the third stage, meetings and tasks were added to the system, as the AERO State Technical University continued to use a different system for maintaining this data, and it was necessary to combine everything in a single information space. According to the results of the third stage, the system received a mobile interface, modules for meetings and tasks linked to projects, and a subsystem for interaction through a Telegram bot. At this stage, GKU AERLO received requests from other authorities to manage their projects in the LKI system.



The practice of implementing the "Green Corridor" has been recognized as successful and is not only recommended, but is already beginning to scale to other regions of the Russian Federation.