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Murino website

The website of the Administration of the Murinsky urban settlement may seem rather ordinary, but this is not quite true. The operational process of the Administration involves the publication of a huge number of documents. The number of documents is increasing even more considering that the decisions of the Murino Council of Deputies should also be published on the Administration's website.

Administration of Murinsky urban settlement
Lead Developer
Two linear developers
The layout designer
Technology stack:
PHP, MySQL, javascript, jquery, HTML, CSS

The problems of the project

The previous version of the site was run on an outdated version of Wordpress, which contained a large number of vulnerabilities, which created potential security problems. There was no structured document publishing system. Members of the Council of Deputies did not have access to the administrative panel, and could not upload documents themselves. The previous version of the site is outdated.


During the development process, the classic set of applications of the Webasyst framework was used - "Website", "Photo", "Blog", "Support". But this did not solve all the problems. Therefore, a separate application for Webasyst was created specifically for this site - "Documents". The application allows not only to store documents by category, but also to provide limited access to the Council of Deputies, thus, the operational process has been significantly simplified - Council members can upload documents themselves without contacting the Administration. The site was made in a new design, which, nevertheless, retained continuity and remained recognizable. Since technical access to the old site was lost, the layout designer Alexey K. He did a herculean job of manually transferring more than 2,000 Administration documents to the new platform (this was not even included in the terms of the Terms of Reference, but something had to be done), and automatic parsers were created for news and announcements, which carried out the transfer of information.


The illustrations show the previous and new versions of the site. Guess where it is. We have maintained the continuity of the design.