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Roksoft offers its own line of IT products. Our main products are two hardware and software complexes for automating the work of government agencies, and we also offer our own website content management platform based on the Webasyst framework.

Multimedia hardware and software complexes

Poster and multimedia kiosk for printing and scanning. They serve to improve the quality of service and automate processes. They include both terminal devices and server management software.

Software solutions

We have been making Internet systems for many years. Over time, we noticed that many operations are quite routine - you just need to present the content beautifully and accurately. Therefore, we have developed systems that I propose to make it as simple as possible. The first generation is a "Constructor", software for creating single-page websites. Secondly, WCMS is a full-fledged content management system that allows you to work without knowledge of web languages and allows you to create dozens of sites on one admin panel.