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Roksoft company specializes in Internet queuing systems. And these are websites and accounting systems, everything from a simple one-page website to the most complex CRM and ERP systems. Therefore, the tools we use mainly relate to web development. We use the classic stack, which is as common as possible. This helps our clients, if necessary, to quickly assemble their own teams in case they want to move away from contract development, and feel safer, since it is easier to find a developer for the classic stack. We do not make our customers dependent on us.

System Logic (Backend)

Our main specialization. The classic stack is used for low and medium-load systems. For high-load systems, we use a microservice architecture.

Most websites, online stores and other web systems are written in this language
Flexible, reliable and the most widely used DBMS in the world

User Interfaces (Frontend)

HTML5, CSS, Javascript and the jQuery library are often used to develop the frontend part of our web systems.

PHP framework

Our main framework is Webasyst. Flexible and powerful. It is included in the register of the Russian software. MVC. Roksoft is a Webasyst expert and is represented in the experts catalog.


Development is conducted in compiled languages - C++ and C#. To make our software work on a large number of platforms, we use QT.

But that's not all

We have described a typical stack above, it can change depending on the tasks assigned to us. We don't focus on specific tools, but use what suits us best.