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Roksoft's mission is to make the world a better place through technology. We believe that the development of new IT systems and digitalization of processes will make people's lives easier and their work more efficient. We develop software and hardware solutions for people and businesses, and help them achieve their goals. Both full-time employees and engaged specialists, whom we trust, work on Roksoft projects.


They organize the work of the company, ensure interaction within the team, and closely monitor compliance with deadlines.

Vitaly Stepanovich Bugai
Two higher educations (technical, economic). More than 10 years of experience in project management. More than 20 projects have been implemented. Honorary diploma of the Minister of Digital Development for Nikiforov for services to the development of communications, information technology and mass communications, many years of fruitful work.
Anton Mikhailovich Bogdanov
Technical Director. He completed postgraduate studies with a dissertation on the topic "The use of geographical information technologies in medium-sized cities for municipal education management". He has been in the IT field for more than 20 years. Prior to Roksoft, he led IT projects at the State Unitary Enterprise RK RSC "Real Estate" and GBU RK "MFC RK". The credo of life is to create and improve!

System development (Backend development)

They will help at all stages from the creation of a technical specification to the implementation of the project.

Alexey M.
Development of system architectures, integration and programming.
Sergey M.
System architecture development and programming
Ivan R.
Design and programming
Artyom K.
Design and programming
Semyon I.
Design and programming

Interface development (Frontend development)

They turn static layouts into live and interactive user interfaces every day.

Alexey K.
Interface layout and programming
Paul G.
Interface layout and programming

Design (UI/UX)

They will design beautiful and user-friendly interfaces so that everyone can enjoy using them.

Ruslan G.
Design, usability, corporate identity development
Ivan Z.
Design, usability, corporate identity development

Search engine optimization

SEO specialists promote sites created in Roksoft in search engines.

Sergey A.
Comprehensive SEO promotion with an author's approach
Mikhail Zh.
Comprehensive SEO promotion, direct


Programming of terminal devices of hardware and software complexes.

Mikhail V.
Low-level hardware programming